– Feminism, Inequalities –

62p per an hour???? You gotta be fucking kidding!

Advance apologies for criticizing about feminism, but as I grown older it became an unfortunate situation for me to discover more of their flaws. (sigh)

benedict-cumberbatch-elle-feminism-t-shirt__large elle_3088885b emma-watson-elle-feminism-t-shirt__large hiddles-feminism john-rocha-elle-feminism-t-shirt__large joss-whedon-elle-feminism-t-shirt__large


According to DailyMail (despite the credibility remain questionable for their histories), women who made the t-shirts with “This is what a feminist looks like” were paid with 62p per hour only only, which is very much below the British minimum wages. Their conditions weren’t hugely better, despite photographs shown that their company was in good conditions (e.g. floor was clean). Yet for me – if we really care for feminism and the women’s right in labouring, shouldn’t they pay more effort to help the women in factories to improve better working conditions – For example increase of wages and enable them to have a hobby or something outside their work lives? Instead the Pig-smelled capitalists decided to have most of the money to themselves – made the t-shirt for 9.00GBP, then sell it to the world for 45.00GBP! 

Just “lean in.” And if leaning in leaves no time for marriage or kids, here’s a free freezer for your eggs

I couldn’t help feeling angry whenever I hear Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean in” theories and stories about any corporate feminism, while they were so busy to “improve” their own issues such as more women to be in power, they often neglect women who are in less advantaged positions – from women who works in factories to sex workers. They are often people who need a great deal of helps compared to women in Sandberg’s position, for example the chances and abilities of negotiating for their own rights and safety.

If feminism is really for all women, trying to drum up the sounds of women’s right for people to hear, then why so many women’s rights being dismissed, or not being taken into concerns even people see it? I believe feminism, if to win the heart of others, they indeed need to work on this section even more.


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