– Blackpool –


B.A. said he wold love me more,

if I could think like a man.

We strolled through the Pleasure Beach,

through the town,

then onto the road where trams passed.

I was angry,

but forgave him anyhow.

I was his heart when he was my very cold air,

we went through rivers, streams and the sea.

Dissolved, pulled apart and merged into one.

I was his heart, his life and his well-being.

He was my heart, my life and my very history.

All the love he said fell into thin air of February,

I capture nothing.

I was hungry as a hunter, hungry for something

to hold, to love and to care.

He kissed me again and again,

I kissed the eyes again and again,

I sucked the thin air into my lungs,

taste no sweetness in my tongue.

Our love was like Blackpool,

only the best when in the summer.


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