– #ModernSlaveryBill, Sex Work –

These tweets are from different people with different backgrounds, maybe a sex worker or an academic or someone unrelated to either. Yet they all cared deeply for whether sex work would be criminalized today, through the Modern Slavery Bill. The sex work section was added by few MPs, to make sex work “go away” once and for all from society. Like the Swedish government who released Nordic Model, it seemed people often have this illusion over “rid of sex work = gender equality comes”, which I am afraid to say – the works need more than that, beside the fact erasing sex work would not actually do, as the gender equality issues have been historical.

So for us – furthering the damage and danger on sex workers just simply would not make huge difference, instead we should fulfill the unity that feminism always wanted: supporting & provide necessary help to all kinds of women, respect their decisions whether we like it or not at all. Many wrote e-mails and lobbied for sex workers, telling MPs and committees that Nordic Model is not perfect as it said on the tin. Many MPs (esp. feminist ones) have been extremely stubborn, yet luckily we have had MPs who bothered to read what had happened and made sure sex worker’s voices being heard. I am grateful that the ideas of criminalization was stopped (at least), yet it would still be a long way from decriminalization. 

Still a lot of work to do, ladies!



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