– #SamaritanRadar –

Samaritans Twitter app identifying user’s moods criticised as invasive

For the last few days, there were a series of fury over Samaritan the charity, 

Why? you wondered, haven’t they always been doing good stuff?

This time was because of an app, an app that they hoped to pick up trails of anyone who might be uttering thoughts that seemed suicidal in their standard.

Twitter was especially a place where it would be easy to tell,

so they placed a lot of focus on that area.

Yet people were angry about having this app existed, for they felt that their rights to speech seemed being not just restricted, but possibly their words would be monitored. 

The world is a vampire, it became more than the vampire Karl Marx talked about (Capitalism), but it is sucking us out by suffocating us with cameras and monitors…


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