– Women & Male Sex Worker –

Women’s habit on watching porn

Women buying sex

While we talked a lot on men buying sex from women sex workers,

there were relatively not so much work written on women who buy sex.

Many of those women can either range from women frustrated from mundane marriage (really?) to women who have bad histories with marriage and relationship, or some who just “can’t be asked” to have a relationship as their work were more the priorities.

One thing for sure however, they all want as little attachment or strings being made as possible.

Funny enough, women – even they bought sex and pleasure to themselves purchase of sex, often they are less likely to admit that they indeed had been doing so without feeling the sense of shame. Often women selling sex or buying sex without “covering up” often seen as a libertine or promiscuous to the general society standard, as women according to Helena Kennedy QC in “Eve was Framed”, women were supposed to be seen with purity and well-behaved. It is also according to her that women in court, are more likely to win if their past history of sex is almost clean as a sheet (while men are less likely under threat for being “dirty”.).

Are we doing enough to protect male sex workers?

male sex workers

After all sex work is not a women-only job

When we talked of women buying sex – there is no way we don’t talk about male sex workers, in many ways male sex workers share the similar amount of acceptance issue women received when buying sex.  Many male sex workers often received abuses and assaults from various people, for they are against the public standards on what men ought to behave or over homophobia reasons. 

And so it goes, they shared a strong similarities (or opposite of each other) and share the positions of among the marginalized people in societies. They shouldn’t feel guilty for selling and buying (if they are ok with it), they shouldn’t feel guilty for being different…


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