MV: IU(아이유) _ SOGYEOKDONG(소격동): http://youtu.be/GHu39FEFIks

Recently have been non-stop listening to a song call “Sogyeokdong”, sang by Korean singer IU and SeoTaiji. It was a love song like many Korean songs, yet the history behind the song that interested me.

According to Hong Kong scholar Steve Chung (a specialist on studies on Korean culture, politics and society), Sogyeokdong back in the 1980-1983 (precisely founded since 1948, but more known during the 80s) was a headquarter area for secret police during its militarized period. It was a little like ministry of Love in 1984, many citizens who protested against the government, or shown support to communism etc. often receive a series of abuse and tortures. One point six medical officers planned to overthrown the government, but eventually the plot was known and all six of them got killed.





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