– W.E. –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lNg0cm69xU&hd=1 (trailer)

In one quiet weekend night, my man gave me a funny look when he saw “W.E.” on the list of showing programme in the guide.

I never was a huge fan of Madonna’s work, if you ask me.

But since it was about Wallis Simpson, might as well I thought.

It wasn’t a masterpiece or whatever high class, it was a silent-not bad quality film.

The story revolved the overlap between Two Wallis – Wallis Simpson and Wallis in New York.

Wallis’s mother was a fan of Wallis Simpson, which resulted her studies on the woman during the time when she moved to New York to be with her doctor husband, who often absent from home. As she was not allowed to work at all, she often occupied herself in Sotheby’s Office – around the time when they began auctioning materials that once belonged to Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII.

Through the film we saw Wallis Simpson – the one who was less spoken of when we talked of Edward VIII gave up his seat. We saw her constantly keeping the guests of Edward VIII (David) happy like a hostess, at times she had to entertain him to keep his spirit up. Yet she wasn’t expecting much on her relationship with David, she thought (from my impression) she would eventually have to let David go. To her surprise, David gave up his throne for her, he dropped everything for her. Suppose it should be a happy ending? But for W.S., she felt that she lose everything else around her – her reputation or her negotiation to her own happiness. As David gave up his seat without really asking her how she felt about the idea. In the film I have a feeling she would tell him to forget everything between them and go back to his seat, being the reason of someone to give up something so great was just too much for her.

As for the other Wallis – she tried to be a good housewife for her husband, but her husband’s neglect over her well-being eventually drove her away , along with his eventual lost of temper. She gained her emotional care from the security guard she met in Sotheby’s. She was able to find her way to change her own future, instead of being “locked-up” the way Wallis Simpson had…


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