Feminist Fail at Nottingham Women’s Conference 2013/2014

As mentioned before there are a lot of problems within feminism, from biased views on certain matter, to difficulties to include views from all kinds of women. According to the impression the post was given, it seemed women would only be invited to such conference if their views fit into the social norms of feminism. This as a result cause a great deal of problems, beside of the biased view. If to make any single improvement to actual gender equality, first wr have to be kind to each other and hold the tongue when wanting to criticise, especially when some women agree upon things one of us couldn’t stand.

5 pillars and 6 colours

[Trigger warning: transphobia]

This post has been written for about 6 months now but I’ve been hesitant to post it. I think I didn’t want it to come across too harshly or really have the energy to deal with any potential backlash from this but you know what? As my good friend quite rightly said earlier:

‘No change ever happens unless injustice is challenged.’

So, here’s me challenging it. And it also acts as a warning to those who are going/considering going in terms of what to expect.


One of my new year’s resolutions was to get more involved in activism in Nottingham and a week or so later, after publishing said blog post, I came across the planning meeting for Nottingham Women’s Conference 2014… Talk about great timing! I must admit though, I was in two minds about deciding whether or not to be involved but I’ll get…

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