– On the Road (2012) –

Taped a quarter or half of the film version of “On The Road”, but it’s fine – I memorized most part of the storyline as I read the novel a long time ago, I remembered well even I have no idea how I did so. I didn’t find a time to watch since taped it from television, until days later when my boss mentioned to me how he tried to read it in university, but struggled to make sense to it. One of his analysis over the reason, he believed that he was too young to understand it when reading.

I asked myself a million times why did I understand the novel (in theory) upon reading it? Was it because I have greater perception toward stories? Or was it because my ability to empathize the feelings characters have in novels? I thought about it when writing notes, when writing my novels and when watching the film version. 

Before making my analysis to this matter, I felt I should at least make a quick note on the storyline of “On the Road” – it was basically Kerouac’s record of his road travel with friends over the years, under the disguise as Sal Paradise, he recorded the lives of himself and his friends back then as a group of care-free-ish and possibly reckless kind of people. Among the group of friends there was Dean Moriarty, a man who was too distinctive for Sal to forget for the rest of his life. To me Dean was a man of recklessness, his recklessness was way beyond appalling. I have no issues with his choices of selling sex and doing odds for money, but his way of treating friends and lovers. He picked up his wives and friends and dump them like they were toys he got interested/bored of, for example he would come visit Sal Paradise and drag him to Mexico with him, then dump Sal on his own when Sal was ill and in need of his assistance. 

Everyone (in both novel and film) seemed angry with Dean Moriarty for many reasons, but as Old Bull Lee would say -> Dean Moriarty lack responsibilities for others. I quietly assessed his statement on this matter – what is the standard of responsibilities in the movie/novel? How did the characters define what is responsible or not at all? 

It seemed to them the unlawful thing such as drugs such as marijuana was fine, everyone seemed more pissed off when Dean Moriarty left them suddenly and come back suddenly into their lives. I guess the lack of responsibilities Dean hold for them, made them feel pointless to give anymore energy to their friendship, despite the possible good times they have had…



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