– PhD, Masters…-

Nottingham Trent University PhD Scholarship for Social Science

Job prospects have not been particular good since graduated,

I tried to find any job applicable or the ones I less likely to hate/regret, but then many written back saying either lack of experiences or stupid as I don’t have a car/driving license (I have problems with driving or just looking at lights in the dark, on the road).

And so it goes, I wasn’t too sure what I can really do, when in universities – skills tend to be easier to show off your talent and visible in writing, but seemed in workplace it is getting difficult for people to “see” you do have the quality and knowledge to do what they asked of.

Was writing my only skill available in me? Is there nothing left in me, part from all those academic skills in me?

Anyway I looked at all these PhD, it became an issue – I got 2:2 for my Social Policy and Sociology degree, when many asked for 2:1 or 1st class…

How am I to persuade them I have the quality to write all these things?

I presume, like Esther Greenwood, I am having the similar crisis on what to become of myself…



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