– Cupcake Girls –

Strippers, Sex & Philanthropy: Nonprofit ‘Cupcake Girls’ Expands Reach

Conversations with the Cupcake Girl

Interview with Joy Hoover, Founder of Cupcake Girls

The first time I come across the group’s existence, was through a twitter fellow call Christina.P., she has spoken fondly of the group – especially for their support to women who work in sex industry within the area of Las Vegas and Portland area. She was especially excited lately, for her chances to experiences working within the organization.

Often non-profit organizations that aimed to assist sex workers or people work in sex industry received the similar amount of stigma as the people they provide help to, which as a result often led to difficulties on gaining funding from government etc. Whilst the ones who aimed to help sex workers “get out” tend to be praised for their work, therefore they gained greater chances of getting funding from government to “continue” their work. Thankfully in Britain, the news of National Ugly Mugs, One25 Charity from Bristol and Manchester Actions for Street Healths gaining awards and secure series of sponsors, seemed to me that maybe other people were beginning to accept the organizations and their purposes.

Often sex work communities were very much close-knitted as a community from outside world, because of the stigmas from the society. Therefore for outreach workers and organizations who want to assist sex industry workers “sincerely”, it would be normal that they would take a long while to gain the trusts from sex industry workers. Yet we could see through the cupcake girls, that their bond with the workers proved to be strong.

These organizations all over the world represented a great deal within the lives of sex workers or adult entertainers e.g. Adult Film Performers, not just for the helps that were given – range from legal advise to emotional support, but also the sense of acceptance and security they gave to sex workers and adult entertainer, as they dealt with the stigmas that were given to them in the society. We live in a world where sex work does not come easily in acceptance, which led people struggle to communicate with their loved ones such as families, it is possible for them to feel comfortable and at ease in companies of people who accept them as they are.


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