– Lolita –

I came across the name Lolita a lot of times, but never really read it until my year out.

I was attracted by the cover of the Taiwanese/Cantonese version, filled with girlish pink and shapes of butterflies, very beautiful and mysterious. So I read on, witnessing first Herbert Humbert’s disastrous affair with a girl call Annabel, how this turned him to the man he became in the rest of the novel. 

The attachment led him to Dolores Haze, a girl of a woman H.H. was renting rooms from. Her energy and ish-femininity not just remind H.H. the lost youth he had with Annabel, but also enabled Herbert to find her addictive. And so it goes, Humbert has to remain quiet about his feelings, as he married Dolores’s mother to be near Dolores. Dolores’s mother who believed so deeply that H.H. loved her, must be so distraught when she found out it was her daughter he was after. Creepily she died in the most timely term…

The darkness of H.H. began to shown as he take Dolores around the states for trips, he used up the knowledge he knew about keeping a child happy on Dolores. In the beginning Dolores seemed to be having a lot of fun, yet as soon as finding out her mother died things began to go downhill. The ending was painful, despite how immoral his obsession was, we couldn’t help feeling sympathy for him in a way…


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