– Native Son –

Native Son as a book written by Richard Wright, it was a book full of anger, violence out of the inability to change the situation.

The novel began with Bigger Thomas – a man who suffered injustice within his own household, his father was beaten to death and justice never got done for his race. He was constantly bitter over white, or over life. He worked in a rich household as the driver, which led him to meet the daughter of the household Mary. She has been trying to be friendly with Bigger, along with her boyfriend Jan. Yet as Mary was drunk and Bigger out of duty put her to bed, the blind mother was then entering her room. Back in those days a black man would then be automatically assumed that he was raping girls if he was ever seen in the room with a white girl, therefore sent to execution.

So he killed her by accident, with original hope was to keep her quiet from being found. The rest was very much the history in the novel, with painful endings.

The most memorable part of the novel was Bigger’s ambition to make it to the army, yet under the racism situations he was often under rejection. Which for him – upon knowing all his hard work would e a handful of dust under the situation, his fury rise and rise to the dangerous level. He thought about robbery in a shop opened by white people, yet he was too scared to do so – back then even robbing a shop owned by white people, would be an ultimate taboo for challenging the authority held by white people.

This book shown how an individual tragedy wasn’t entirely made by individuals, but also the constitution from society.


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