– 12.12.2014-

Current Sex Work in Leeds: Knowledge Sharing

At Thursday I went down to Leeds for the first time after the graduation, to visit friends and to attend a day lecture/conference the next day on sex workers. The events merged the data and important people in sex work studies/outreach communities from all over the nation, from London to Liverpool. However I had thoughts over the event, should it have been more known to the communities, like the ones in Bristol? Would there be more people able to be benefited from the lecture at all, if more publicity being made on social media?

Throughout the day lecture, I have seen many presentations on various theme, made by various people. From talking about how to make sure sex workers work safely under the alert system (aka Ugly Mug scheme) to how to communicate with sex workers from foreign countries. Many people raise their hands in the lecture, as they struggled to make their services known to those workers, nor raising their awareness of certain set of knowledge e.g. contraception. I also had a great laugh with the audience, on a speaker’s story on talking to male or trans sex worker. According to him, male sex workers often reveal very little of their own emotion unless they are speaking to one specific person on their own. I also met many interesting people within the conference, whilst I was in awe with ones I already heard stories of – e.g. the manager of Ugly Mug Scheme.

One of my favourite was the one about using creativity and writing to enable women who were sex workers while dealing with drugs and alcohol abuses, they talked of the red shoes on the cover. Turned out the red shoes back in the 70s or 80s in Westminster (London district), escorts often put red shoes out at the window to advertise themselves! Such stories or unknown legends were often fascinating, which made the lecture a lot more fun.


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