– Story of O –

253490554_o Story-Of-O-1975-004

I was quite shocked when I read the wikipedia of “The Story of O” by Pauline Reage,

even I yet to read the story itself, the description already left me feeling too scared to read it.

Even I have already had some awareness on what to expect on S&M (thanks Monsieur de Sade!), but this story really gone beyond the acceptable level of S&M.

I was especially appalled by O’s acceptance or endurance over the S&M the men (or women) gave her, from the mild to the most extreme cases. Throughout the story (description) she shown very little say and have very little choices on who to be given the rights over her, I respect O’s choices of enjoying the pleasure she gained through such arrangement of sex, but for myself most of the S&M definitely seemed beyond the human recognition of endurance…


One comment

  1. It is fantasy. It is designed to stimulate — and it did stimulate me! Would you limit all fiction to things which you would actually want to experience?

    Read it, enjoy it, and let it stimulate your own fantasies (most of which you would never actually experience).

    O’s acceptance of whatever her lover requires of her is the most erotic thing about the story to me.


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