– The Portrait of a Lady –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9brMfU0OGU (Trailer)

The film happened to be appearing on TV screen last night when I was about to switch off the television,

I had thoughts of watching it years ago when first came across Henry James, even I was quite confused by the ending he created in “The Turn of the Screw” (anyone fancy to explain to me what the ending means?).  So there I was, taping and watching the film.

In the story – Isabel was a woman who was awarded for some inheritance from her uncle, under the persuasion of her cousin who was in love with her. She wished not to be married and instead tried to travel as much as she could, but she ended up married herself to a poor artist who she believed to be in love with her for who she was. Yet it turned out that he was conspiring with her friend Madame Merle to destroy her in some ways (financially, beside he was a type of people who cared very little of others.

The first thing I recognize in the film was the music that sounded like Philip Glass, however as I googled the music origins – it was from a Polish composer called Wojciech Kilar. His music was speaking of something, the turning parts to higher pitch was like “but…(something something happened).” The way the music structured was very similar to the one I heard in “The Hours”, which I found very moving interesting.

Nicole Kidman’s character in sense seemed not a woman that would be liked by feminists, she was a woman despite quite independent in spirit like Jane Eyre. She was in fact rather passive over her love, or can I say she got married too early? Her case seemed to be saying “careful who you are in love with”.

I adored her cousin Ralph for constantly looking out for Isobel, making sure she was safe such as implicit warning over her marriage to Osmond. He believed Isabel was supposed to be staying away from marriage, as he shown awareness of unhappy marriage. The husband (Osmond) on the other hand just want to be extravagant all the time, so he could take advantage of his wife’s fortune.

p.s. I saw Christian Bale! I liked him better as Bruce Wayne or American Psycho tho, the rest…(sigh)




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