– Blank Space –

I never was a huge fan of Taylor Swift, but my friend R was quite a fan ever since T.S.’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and her entire “Red” album. I was unmoved at the time, even she told me many times how wonderful she was. The situation didn’t change hugely in “Shake it Off”, it was a lovely song yes, but it wasn’t until “Blank Space” that caught my attention.

taylor-swift-black-space-knife TS_APP_IPAD_HOME_11_01.0.0_standard_800.0

Beside my liking of her clothes in the music video, I was especially attracted by the structure of the lyrics, there were few lines I really liked – e.g. “I can make the bad guys good for a weekend”, “Got a long list of ex-lovers they’ll tell you I am insane”and especially this:

“Cuz darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” 

As for the song itself, it was Taylor Swift’s answer to every press’s questions over her relationship life. Whilst male singers write about their past love like a norm, the frequency of Taylor’s “switch of men” and how she wrote about them after breaking up earned her a great deal of criticism from all around her. The question was love song seemed to be the only song that really got people listening or feeling related to, and Taylor Swift as she said would never write songs that people can’t relate to, so why the criticism?

I would say it would be to do with her way of living (especially her frequency of relationship, from begin to finish then another round), that really got people questioning her or criticizing her…

Anyway, the song is awesome, shame it’s not being written as novel.


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