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CookPad the app

I have been using a lot of this app since New Year, to help me get some ideas on the preparation for dinner mostly, since I saw the necessity of doing more diverse cuisine. The app also improved the relationship between G and I, for we shared officially a common goal on working on the dish of the day, through it we worked together and enabled ourselves chances to talk and know more of each other. We cooked three dishes so far, each time as I finished the cooking, I found myself feeling protected from insecurities and able to understand the joy people such as Nigella Lawson might’ve been experiencing when she cooked.


As I did the cooking, I couldn’t help recalling scenes that were mentioned in Banana Yoshimoto’s “Kitchen” (something I would want to write in my little stories). The main character loved her kitchen, she found the kitchen very comforting – the motor sound of the fridge often make her feel less lonely. Ever since she lost her grandma, kitchen was the only place she found comfort in people’s house she stayed with. Kitchen was also the first place she inspect when visiting friend’s home, it seemed the quality of the kitchen would determine her liking of things – whether the person or the house. She also cooked a lot too, as later on she worked as a research assistant for a famous chef, specialized on researching recipes to cook live.

The kitchen for me sometimes could be tiresome because of keeping up with the cleaning, but whilst I yet to be sure if I like cooking truly, one thing for sure – I don’t hate cooking nor seeing it as a chore as before.


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