– Kaori Ekuni –

The first time I came across Kaori Ekuni was through a classmate of mine, call her Z. Z was in her sixth form (F.6 precisely) when I first met her. I liked talking to her for her being sophisticated, whilst I hanged around with her in hope of her opinions upon me wouldn’t be as biased as few ladies in my year group or below in boarding school.


The one thing that made Z distinctive in my memory was her love for two Japanese things: a pop girl-band call SPEED and Kaori Ekuni the writer. I heard of her many times, but never was able to read her work. Yet I was hooked when I read the little red novel below, the story despite being ordinary has been written in a gripping way – which I finished within two days!

So I asked to borrow more of Ekuni’s work from Z and read.

21405296337709_167_m download

The two novels were the reading I have read upon Kaori Ekuni, before Z and I began drifting apart (or in truth, finding out that she disliked having me hanging around like the horsefly). The left one was about a mother moving around the country with her daughter, because the biological father vowed one day he would come and pick her up. Throughout the story, I found the woman very delusional – how could she be sure the guy would come pick her up? The novel at the right side was just series of stories over relationship in current days, with so many characters and so many problems…almost everything else was forgettable but the title and the cover.


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