– The Gathering –

I found this book while in a trip of charity shops with my man,

we were in Arthritis Research shop, where everything was in 1.00GBP only.

We of course bought a few things, I bought the book to have a read.

The novel so far interchange between the life of Veronica since her beloved brother Liam’s death, while making sense to her ancestor/grandma (for the novel didn’t seem to make things clear)’s past life plus her own association to Veronica.

The novel filled with a sense of nostalgia over Veronica’s youth, from her American boy, to remembering her childhood. Those things that she forgot, seemed came back to her as Liam died – in both her dearest brother, and history of her life…

In the process of arranging her brother’s funeral, she went through series of breakdowns – from missing her old life in university, to unable to deal with her daughter’s dislike over Liam. The book wasn’t bad, but adding the bits from her grandma’s past to her’s seemed unnecessary…


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