– Cold Comfort Farm –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st5gmzmDFrw (trailer)

Cold_Comfort_Farm (1) cold_comfort_farm comfort

I was watching this film while my man was trying to sleep off the pain,

it was a film that contained all the elements of  great soap operas.

It began with a young woman who lost her parents in 1930s to Influenza,

tried to work her way of living through staying at her relatives.

Most of the ones in cities hardly seemed bothered about her, while the country ones seemed welcoming to the idea.

She then decided to go to Cold Comfort Farm – a place of her distant cousin’s.

There she met many interesting members of the families, who have had their dreams and hopes unfulfilled, or stuck with fear over the changes in life.

Throughout the film, the heroine Flora used her intelligence to help the family members overcome many obstacles and live the dreams, e.g. marrying someone one loves, or going to see the world.

Despite the cheesy-ness, it’s a heart-warming film for sure.



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