– Gone Girl –

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Finished reading “Gone Girl” last night,

I was like almost everyone – being surprised in every possible way by the twist and turn of the novel.

Witnessing Nick Dunne feeling trapped by the fact he did not kill his wife, yet everything he did seemed leading people to believe he killed the wife.

Grasping by Amy the wife’s chilling plan on destroying people who she felt betrayed her or not being good enough to be in her life. From accusing her best friend to be a stalker, to accusing an ex-bf of hers for rape.

I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her, mostly for she couldn’t feel herself being valued for being her – she had to play the good kid in front of her parents who exploited her childhood as a character in their storybooks , she had to be the “cool girl” to be loved by people around her. There was a strong sense of anger and violence in her, which she exact revenges to those who she put high hopes of acceptance and love but yet, failed her miserably. For example Desi, who cared for her but could be suffocating to a point that everyone would want to make a run.

The novel itself was a novel about women and men, recording how they behaved to one another, how they make perspectives on one another. For example how women want men to attend their little party, just for vain satisfaction of feeling loved. Everyone wants to feel loved, but the method of requesting could be different…



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