– Mistresses –

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For the last few days, I have been in a bad state – un-inspired in creativity, stressed for the need of jobs and desperation for stability. I want to write stories and yes I have good ideas, yet I seemed constantly struggled to articulate everything I want to say from mind to words.

Then as my man managed to kill most of the pop-in adverts on my computer, I was able to visit Books.com.tw after many months without visiting. Then there I saw this book: Mistresses, A History of the Other Woman (written by Elizabeth Abbott). I remember the book well, because Paris Shih the Taiwanese cultural scholar once mentioned it in his Facebook and praised the wonderful quality of the book.

As we may or may not know – back in the history mistresses were “normal” to exist despite the importance of marriages, it was more than normal for a king to have mistress while married to a queen. For example, Madame de Pompadour the most famous mistress in history. Despite their nature in otherness, they proved to be powerful in some ways, some even changed the history. Sometimes mistress became an ideal woman for men to be at ease (if you ask me this sound very escort like!), for example Eva Braun the long-lasting mistress of Adolf Hitler – she wasn’t clever, or you can even use the word ordinary. Yet her lack of involvement with Hitler’s political life enabled Hitler to keep himself from stressed over his plan to take over the world!

To me being a mistress seemed a very fun job yes, but at the same time being in that position pretty much equals being a hidden character. So really I don’t think it will be for me, to be honest. However through sex work positions such as high-class escorts e.g. Belle de Jour or Sugar Babes (for Sugar Daddies), we could still see some basis of mistress, such as able to provide fun and able to ease the stress for the “clients”.


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