– Robert Capa: Slightly Out of Focus –

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There was a period of time when I liked and toyed with the idea of doing photography,

so the first thing I did was to read “Slightly Out of Focus” – the memoir written by Robert Capa.

imagesCA3FGJDR imagesCA8WCUYO

(Yep that’s the guy holding the camera!)

robert-capa-shot-soldier robert-capa-d-day-landing-at-normandy 04

Throughout his memoir we could see how he was able to work his charm to gain assistance, how he spoke of his own life in between the scenes of war. How he felt and thought when he saw certain scenes as he passed the people in war, or as he captured photo of people who were involved with the war in almost every level. Some of the photos were “slightly out of focus” because of the shakes he got when moving around the camera, but it also pointed out that sometimes such feature in photo represented life – how it is very difficult to have things settle down, to the question of whether being “focused” in photo necessary reveal the truth of humanity.


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