– Belle de Seigneur –

kinopoisk.ru 3111557325_1_5_bYVyWBYz 3111557325_1_9_V4LfU8DR belle-du-seigneur belle-du-seigneur-19-06-2013-10-g Natalia-Vodianova-et-Jonathan-Rhys-Meyers-dans-les-premieres-images-du-film-Belle-du-Seigneur_portrait_w674

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onhNxJGy1e0 (trailer)

From time to time, I saw “Belle de Seigneur” appeared on the list of shows of television.

A little like “Birdsong” by Sebastian Faulks, it was a love story between two people who met with bad timing…

I must admit the stories that set in those period, seemed have a liking of affairs as the main line for love stories…

Hmmm the photos did look very suitable for perfume adverts, or mini-films for brands like Chanel – which the latest one had been by far the most terrible one…


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