– Madame Bovary –

I have always found myself similar to Madame Bovary,

for being like many girls in teenages etc. – romantic ideals for love, marriage and desire for expensive tastes.

I feel bad for her yet want to laugh at her, for the ideals she carried into her life, which led to her unhappiness…

Some part of me was certain that the consumerism also fueled her desire, for buying seemed able to make her feel satisfied for a while…?

I presume she would be different if she was given a job,

depending on the wages she get, but it would’ve been happier for her than what she have had…

Madame Bovary, C’est Moi.

75 Madame_Bovary_TV-241182143-large smjD2r5itvDXmgQkKsMfm0a7CFm



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