– The Tide of Life –

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I have known (not well) Catherine Cookson since high school,

an Auntie of my friend’s then boyfriend was a fan of Cookson’s tv adaptions,

almost every Sunday afternoon he would sit in front of the television to watch any adapton of hers.

For many years despite my growing interest, it never occured to me to watch any adaption of hers.

Without knowing how today I watched one of her adaption – “The Tide of Life”.

It was about a woman’s life as a housekeeper, she went through lives and troubles as she worked her way.

She fell in love with a man who posed as the husband of the house (but turned out he was only a lover), tried to build life with him when he lost everything but instead he kept betraying her, to the point he told her to leave the house and she burnt pretty much all the furnitures available.

In the end she found love of course, but through the ex-husband of the man’s lover – it was an odd line, but then again he seemed a nicer guy than the lover.



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