– SARA (film) –


In Hong Kong, SARA the film caused a load of stirs and talks because of this scene,

the scene was an actress call Charlene Choi and after years of playing sweetness and innocent, she plays in this film a woman who went through many problems, from being sexually assaulted by close relatives to having a sugar daddy. Sara was a woman she met in Thailand, whom shared a very tragic fate with C.C.’s character and C.C. wanted to save.

I must admit I am more than interested in her relationship with the sugar daddy, especially their interpretation from “sell & buy” to building up an actual attachment.

It also brought questions over Hong Kong’s issues, from government being corrupted and useless to all kinds of matters.

I would like this film to be shown in Film 4 one day…

(trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ6sIE2m5fU)



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