– Paperblank Notebooks –

2187F.Scott.Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Ultra

3377Kafka, The Metamorphosis Ultra

2660Darwin, Tree of Life Mini

3138Wordsworth, Letter Quoting “Daffodils” Midi

3134Mozart, The Hunt Midi

paperblanks-embellished-manuscript-monet-the-bridge-groot-3_4Monet collection

jennibick02568_2271_717081971Virginia Woolf – A Room of One’s Own Notebook

2672-3-Embellished-Manuscripts-Florence-Nightingale-UltraFlorence Nightingale – Inspiration Letter Notebook

I have always liked writing in my notebooks, notebooks like this mostly for stories or novel ideas.

My preference of notebooks have often been the Embellished Manuscript of Paperblank,

they used manuscripts, notes or letters of famous people onto the cover – which make the notebook itself extra special, carried the legacy in some ways.


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