– The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (The USA ver) –

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Watched the American version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”,

you might wonder why now – as I never was in the mood of reading the novel, nor seeing the Swedish version of the film?

But I guess I just took years to feel like watching, since the theme involved heavily of violence toward women – from Lisbeth the main character to the woman who they tried to track down.

I adored Rooney Mara – she made a lot of drastic changes for this role, she was in the film as if she was the Lisbeth I imagined. The Swedish one wasn’t bad, but I liked Mara’s version for the contrast between her frail body and the extent of brutality she could carry out in return for the harm placed upon her. Her punk rock style also in part of my liking, as it reminded me of a character in Ai Yazawa’s NANA.

Daniel Craig was nice too, he was the kind of actor that can draw you to follow his every movement on the case. His interaction with Mara was heart-warming from time to time, even some were rather awkward to be put together.

The film clearly pictured the Swedish I was known through images etc that contributed to my stereotyped knowledge of Sweden, but it matched the atmosphere of the novel itself – the atmosphere of suffocation, preventing people to be able to break out or make a change.


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