– Gabriel, Dante & Pawnshop No.8 –

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It took me a while to finish “Gabriel’s Inferno” and talk about it,

it surprised me in every possible way – mostly on the amount of involvement over Dante himself, religion and the ideology of heaven and hell in between the conversations of characters. I guess that made the romance novel less cheesy or less “dumb-looking” (aka brainless f-ing at every pages). So yes I enjoyed the novel as a matter of fact, it also made me want to read Dante properly, especially on the section of inferno.

I never was able to explain why but I have had a fascination which I believed last a life time on inferno itself, maybe because I was aroused by the horror and the deeper meaning behind those sins. As I had my conversation with R on the matter, she spoke of Zita Law’s work.

Ah, I remember how I used to love her “Pawnshop No.” – a man was forced to sell his soul to the devil to keep family in peace, he had people selling all they have in him, until his great-granddaughter came over and was willing to sell everything she has to be an absolute success in her field…


– Gabriel’s Inferno (01, after first 18 chapter) –

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I surrendered myself to the idea of buying the novel from British Heart Foundation for one pound, after days and nights of consideration and hesitation.

I had googled the novel and given a lot of thought on what extent it would worth my one pound, I want the money to be spent on a book I knew I would read and lost my heart in the duration.

The novel as a matter of fact, was very much beyond me in almost every level.

Firstly I was amazed by the author’s patience on carving Dante’s essence in between the pages, from the whispers between lovers to academic debates. Even there might be questions on accuracy, but having such patience to do so was rather amazing if I may say so.

Secondly I was surprised by the way things went in the pages so far, Gabriel Emerson the Dante Specialist came to scene as a man with bad manners, often found himself in some foul positions. He was also slowly revealed as the pages progressed to be a man with terrible past, the kind of men who you would despice – a jack-ass, basically. Yet he seemed wanting to become better for Julia, a woman who he deemed to be a woman too precious to be contaminated.

Thirdly there were two things I was reminded of, first the relationship between Gabriel and Julia reminded me of Japanese televisions, which often have stories of students falling for teachers (or other way round). The other was Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a man equally obsessed with Dante’s story as Emerson himself. They both deemed their lover to be the muse and salvation, while Emerson tried his best to be honest and earnest to Julia, DGR was very much underserving to Lizzie Siddal for constantly being a magnet for women.

But yes it was only 8 or 9 hours since I bought the book and I already read 18 chapters…As an opinion, I think this book actually worth greater attention compared to 50 Shades of Grey, at least Emerson seemed less abusive compared to Christian Grey.

– Secretary v.s. 50 Shades –

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Around mid February, I watched the two most distinctive BDSM film in the same week. One with my friend J, one with my man. The two film talked similar theme with different context and background, and therefore received very different fate from one another.

The one I watched with J filled with a man and a woman, the woman was inexperienced and the man was “so-called” damaged inside despite great deal of wealth. He showered her with luxuries that ordinary people could not possibly afford, while grooming her to be able to adjust his BDSM preference. She wanted him with her own ideals of what love supposed to be, while she was able to adjust some parts of it, she began to grow fearful over his controlling ways – for example, stalking her all the way to her mother’s hometown. He often placed her in isolated state, secrecy left her impossible to consult others for the situation. Eventually she decided to leave, for feeling too overwhelmed by him.

The other one I watched filled with a woman who had been troubled by self-harm and a lawyer who has been dealing with his dominating nature, he was her boss. One night he saw her harming herself and resolved to stop her doing so, by giving orders to her on things to be done. The effect strangely turned her to better state, while families were worried for her. Eventually her boss feared his nature out of control and rejected her, yet she won him back by fighting her way and her patience.

Both film were equally pretty and lovely, yet I enjoyed the latter better for greater positivity and the characters seemed more equal.

– Paperblank Notebooks –

2187F.Scott.Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Ultra

3377Kafka, The Metamorphosis Ultra

2660Darwin, Tree of Life Mini

3138Wordsworth, Letter Quoting “Daffodils” Midi

3134Mozart, The Hunt Midi

paperblanks-embellished-manuscript-monet-the-bridge-groot-3_4Monet collection

jennibick02568_2271_717081971Virginia Woolf – A Room of One’s Own Notebook

2672-3-Embellished-Manuscripts-Florence-Nightingale-UltraFlorence Nightingale – Inspiration Letter Notebook

I have always liked writing in my notebooks, notebooks like this mostly for stories or novel ideas.

My preference of notebooks have often been the Embellished Manuscript of Paperblank,

they used manuscripts, notes or letters of famous people onto the cover – which make the notebook itself extra special, carried the legacy in some ways.

– Untitled (Florence and the Machine) –

Let me go a little mad over the fact that Florence and the Machine’s new album is coming out!

Love the new song, can’t wait til it releases!

“What kind of Man” sounds very different from the usual songs you heard from the band,

less church-like and more jazz pub-like…


– BDSM, Feminism –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfZWFDs0LxA (Fifty Shades of Grey)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya_bumgMW7I (Story of O Intro)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdS6HFQ_LUc (Rihanna – S&M)


I bought “Story of O” today while I was in Waterstones,

I did not know why I had this strong desire to read it, I should’ve been put off reading about BDSM thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey (since it was pretty terrible and I can feel no related to it). Beside this, it was to do with my conflict over feminism – well I am not totally a feminist, but I do however share similar ideals as many other feminists such as request for gender equality and  sexism matter. Yet often feminists (esp. radical ones) seemed very touchy about sex in general, let alone BDSM. For them it seemed, BDSM was the most degrading intercourse of all sex, judged by the way things were structured – bondage and spanking etc. Women often seen playing the submission role, when men mostly do the dominating role. And so it goes, it is for people very hard to believe that being feminists and like BDSM can be something that exist in one person…

Sources to look up:



– Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec –


(Google doodle of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s birthday yesterday)

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I have always liked the paintings from him, for his lovely style on recording the lives of customers, dancers and workers in Moulin Rouge or around the area of Montmarte. There were a sharp sense of bright hope and vitality in colours, as if we need to go to Moulin Rouge to have fun as soon as we see the photos.