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– Gabriel’s Inferno, Romance –

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(pictures provided in Pinterest)

Ever since I got back into Pinterest, I have found myself looping my way through different pins of things I was interested in.

My latest interest was Romance and Capitalism (plus a bit of gender studies?), the pattern of the two in different romance novels.

You see (anyone reading this), if you have read novels from Jane Austen, Jane Eyre (up to the very end) to modern ones such as the wealthy background of Edward Cullen and the wealthy position of Christian Grey. Men in the romance novel if you notice, seemed devided into either a very powerful position or a man with wealth and taste. Of course Gabriel Emerson was one of the type, he was a man with authority and academic success (He in the novel was University Professor on studies of Dante).

Women on the other hand in romance novel, often positioned (despite how strong they are character rise etc) with a strong sense of femininity and fragility, some were even virgin (just look at Anastasia Steele) – someone inexperienced and therefore posted very little to no threat toward the men. This therefore posted a questionable matter on many things, the especial interest I have had was the distinction of sincere love, or were those women still carrying the ideal to have men who are powerful in many levels like sugar babes and sugar daddies? The novels seemed implying that wealth was very much the only thing women would stay for a man? Despite women are free in some ways such as choices to how to live, we were bombarded everyday from internet to commercials on having many options available, which left people rather fearful for commitment. (

“Pre-modern people made a decision to marry based on a sense of social duty and convention. Modern people tend to do it out of a desire to realise our inner self, to be validated. Pre-modern people felt bound by a simple declaration of love; modern people prefer to keep their options always open, even after getting married.”

This shown that modern capitalism and the modernization had not freed us entirely, instead it left us panic over “would we have missed the better options?”. I would like to explore if possible in the future, was to why such patterns exist – hopefully I feel it would be something to do with the historical process of gender roles. (Gabriel’s Inferno)


– Helena S Paige –

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I have noticed this series written by Helena S Paige has taken Taiwan by storm lately,

I could kinda say so since noticing my favourite columnist Paris Shih reading it, praising how wonderful it has been.

The novel written for us to be “you” in the writing,

taking chances and possibilities on situations, each armed with three distinctive men.

With endings divided into three scenarios.

I must say – it seems more interesting than Fifty Shades of Grey….XD



– #FiftyShadesisabuse –

to she has to keep secrets from him so she wouldn’t have to deal with his “anger issue”.

I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit I would like to see the film version of “Fifty Shades of Grey”,

just to see how it was done from novel, while many women were looking forward to it, there were also women who worried for two things:

1. the promotion of domestic violence on women

2. how the violence would conflate with consented BDSM

There have been articles criticising how “Fifty Shades of Grey” cause greater problem on people’s understanding on BDSM in itself, for example the overshadowing on the fact that Submissive part and Dominating part would always have to discuss their limits etc before beginning, for example discussion on safe-words. While a lot of the time (from what I read on the novel), the heroine’s life was being controlled by Mr Grey – from the necessity of excercising and dieting, to she has to hide things from him so she wouldn’t have to deal with his tantums. (

Therefore yes we have to not just make awareness upon what “Fifty Shades of Grey” conflated, but also to have more quality work of literature, television and movies to differentiate/distinguish BDSM from Domestic Abuse, as clearly there are a lot of confusion that were carried by various women on social media (esp Twitter) over the two.

– BDSM, Feminism – (Fifty Shades of Grey) (Story of O Intro) (Rihanna – S&M)


I bought “Story of O” today while I was in Waterstones,

I did not know why I had this strong desire to read it, I should’ve been put off reading about BDSM thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey (since it was pretty terrible and I can feel no related to it). Beside this, it was to do with my conflict over feminism – well I am not totally a feminist, but I do however share similar ideals as many other feminists such as request for gender equality and  sexism matter. Yet often feminists (esp. radical ones) seemed very touchy about sex in general, let alone BDSM. For them it seemed, BDSM was the most degrading intercourse of all sex, judged by the way things were structured – bondage and spanking etc. Women often seen playing the submission role, when men mostly do the dominating role. And so it goes, it is for people very hard to believe that being feminists and like BDSM can be something that exist in one person…

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