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Fanfiction & Sex Work

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As I was reading the description of this fan fiction, it reminded me very much what I read from my tutor Teela Sanders’s latest piece (with Ms Kate Hardy), regarding university students and their engagement with sex work. Their selection of sex work are largely between escorts; lap dancing; sugar daddy and possibly girlfriend experiences. Part from lap dancing, the three options often bring them a substantial amount of earning to the students, whether for paying the debts or keeping up the appearance. It is increasingly becoming a trend within current days, beside the attitude to sex is becoming liberal and open in ways. As a result, students seemed less shameful about such engagement – part from in front of an employer of course. It also spoke of how to some students who engaged in sex work, might yet able to get through the reality of the job unless training/experience of emotional labour (recall the “right” emotion in the right time), alongside the trouble of doing so based on their perspective of what is a sex worker in the first place.