– Gabriel’s Inferno (01, after first 18 chapter) –

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I surrendered myself to the idea of buying the novel from British Heart Foundation for one pound, after days and nights of consideration and hesitation.

I had googled the novel and given a lot of thought on what extent it would worth my one pound, I want the money to be spent on a book I knew I would read and lost my heart in the duration.

The novel as a matter of fact, was very much beyond me in almost every level.

Firstly I was amazed by the author’s patience on carving Dante’s essence in between the pages, from the whispers between lovers to academic debates. Even there might be questions on accuracy, but having such patience to do so was rather amazing if I may say so.

Secondly I was surprised by the way things went in the pages so far, Gabriel Emerson the Dante Specialist came to scene as a man with bad manners, often found himself in some foul positions. He was also slowly revealed as the pages progressed to be a man with terrible past, the kind of men who you would despice – a jack-ass, basically. Yet he seemed wanting to become better for Julia, a woman who he deemed to be a woman too precious to be contaminated.

Thirdly there were two things I was reminded of, first the relationship between Gabriel and Julia reminded me of Japanese televisions, which often have stories of students falling for teachers (or other way round). The other was Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a man equally obsessed with Dante’s story as Emerson himself. They both deemed their lover to be the muse and salvation, while Emerson tried his best to be honest and earnest to Julia, DGR was very much underserving to Lizzie Siddal for constantly being a magnet for women.

But yes it was only 8 or 9 hours since I bought the book and I already read 18 chapters…As an opinion, I think this book actually worth greater attention compared to 50 Shades of Grey, at least Emerson seemed less abusive compared to Christian Grey.


– Helena S Paige –

images RQ7054-001

I have noticed this series written by Helena S Paige has taken Taiwan by storm lately,

I could kinda say so since noticing my favourite columnist Paris Shih reading it, praising how wonderful it has been.

The novel written for us to be “you” in the writing,

taking chances and possibilities on situations, each armed with three distinctive men.

With endings divided into three scenarios.

I must say – it seems more interesting than Fifty Shades of Grey….XD



– Eileen Chang –


My mother met two very influential novelist in her life through their most famous work in my primary school years, first was Leo Tolstoy – my mum fell in love with the 1997 version of Anna Karenina with Sophie Marceau inside, the other was Eileen Chang, whose “Eighteen Spring” was once her favourite.

On me Eileen was of all the Chinese writers I ought to know, the one that stuck in my mind the most. (Love in the Fallen City) (Eighteen Spring)

The former was the most famous of her work while the latter was the one that stuck in my memory deeply, maybe based on her experiences (a famous marriage she had with a spy call Wu Lan-Shing) or her sensitivity as a novelist, there were a strong sense of bleakness and sophisticated sadness within “Eighteen Spring” – the kind where you realized how time flew by and being forced to acknowledge that it would never come back again. (Lust, Caution)

Many thanks to Ang Lee, Eileen was brought to the light of the international world of cinema through this film. The story spoke of the crazy feelings we had in love and how love and sex drove us into different feelings, sometimes how it eventually lead to our own demise.

– Kaori Ekuni –

The first time I came across Kaori Ekuni was through a classmate of mine, call her Z. Z was in her sixth form (F.6 precisely) when I first met her. I liked talking to her for her being sophisticated, whilst I hanged around with her in hope of her opinions upon me wouldn’t be as biased as few ladies in my year group or below in boarding school.


The one thing that made Z distinctive in my memory was her love for two Japanese things: a pop girl-band call SPEED and Kaori Ekuni the writer. I heard of her many times, but never was able to read her work. Yet I was hooked when I read the little red novel below, the story despite being ordinary has been written in a gripping way – which I finished within two days!

So I asked to borrow more of Ekuni’s work from Z and read.

21405296337709_167_m download

The two novels were the reading I have read upon Kaori Ekuni, before Z and I began drifting apart (or in truth, finding out that she disliked having me hanging around like the horsefly). The left one was about a mother moving around the country with her daughter, because the biological father vowed one day he would come and pick her up. Throughout the story, I found the woman very delusional – how could she be sure the guy would come pick her up? The novel at the right side was just series of stories over relationship in current days, with so many characters and so many problems…almost everything else was forgettable but the title and the cover.

– 100 Strokes of Brush Before Bed –


The first time I came across this book was through Zita Law, a famous writer in Hong Kong. Beside her novels which I would class mostly Magical Realism/Fantasy-romance type, she wrote extensive amount of articles and reviews. I adored her book reviews, and the variety of her book choices indeed widen my variety of preferences. Melissa Panarello’s “100 Strokes of the Brush before Bed” was one of the book she read and review in March 2007, Zita described the book as a passionate book on faith toward happiness. I especially liked the concept behind the title, how strokes of the brush can lead to one’s possible fate toward happiness, alongside the fact it fit with the story so perfectly (a girl’s search of love and happiness through some very violent sexual experiences). 

I did not remember why I didn’t try to look for the book straight away, but I guess I was afraid of the possible hassles I might receive from all around me. For some reasons, society or families seemed reacted dramatically when women read sex or try to pleasure herself on sex, when for men it seemed normal as the procedures of brushing your teeth etc. Some argued it was to control women by giving them series of restrictions and regulations on sex, some up to a point that even women themselves began regulating their own peer too. I remembered clearly how I found myself impossible to utter out loud that I was reading erotic novels to people around me, unless I was reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” (despite bad quality, it helped women able to read erotic novels without hiding too much) or hanging around with friends who were more liberal-minded. 

A while later I saw the book among the boxes of donated books in my volunteering place, I did not know why I didn’t seize my chance and grabbed it. At this very moment, I did slightly regret the fact I didn’t do so…maybe it would still be in the place, or not at all. I presume that would be what we known as “missed opportunities”, might as well put it on the Christmas/Birthday wish list.

– Corita Kent –




Today would be the 96th birthday of a famous artist in USA, call Corita Kent.

She was a nun, artist and educator. She lived in a time where Civil Rights and Anti-War were hot topic.

She used her skills on printmaking and screen print to spread the message of love, hope and peace.

I quite enjoy looking at her work, very beautiful and her use of colour made things look hopeful.


– Would you love me as I am? –

Would you love me as I am,

if I fell in love with a man who is everything I am not?

Would you love me as I am, 

if I tell you that I am in love with a being in same shape or figure but different mind?

Would you love me as I am,

if I decided to become something the world would never approved of?

Would you love me as I am,

if I become someone I couldn’t stand becoming?

Would you love me as I am,

If I cared for people who shared no closeness to me?

Would you honestly,

love me at all, 

no matter of my condition,

no matter of my flaws…

Would you love truly,

as I am?