– Gone Girl –

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Finished reading “Gone Girl” last night,

I was like almost everyone – being surprised in every possible way by the twist and turn of the novel.

Witnessing Nick Dunne feeling trapped by the fact he did not kill his wife, yet everything he did seemed leading people to believe he killed the wife.

Grasping by Amy the wife’s chilling plan on destroying people who she felt betrayed her or not being good enough to be in her life. From accusing her best friend to be a stalker, to accusing an ex-bf of hers for rape.

I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her, mostly for she couldn’t feel herself being valued for being her – she had to play the good kid in front of her parents who exploited her childhood as a character in their storybooks , she had to be the “cool girl” to be loved by people around her. There was a strong sense of anger and violence in her, which she exact revenges to those who she put high hopes of acceptance and love but yet, failed her miserably. For example Desi, who cared for her but could be suffocating to a point that everyone would want to make a run.

The novel itself was a novel about women and men, recording how they behaved to one another, how they make perspectives on one another. For example how women want men to attend their little party, just for vain satisfaction of feeling loved. Everyone wants to feel loved, but the method of requesting could be different…



– The Gathering –

I found this book while in a trip of charity shops with my man,

we were in Arthritis Research shop, where everything was in 1.00GBP only.

We of course bought a few things, I bought the book to have a read.

The novel so far interchange between the life of Veronica since her beloved brother Liam’s death, while making sense to her ancestor/grandma (for the novel didn’t seem to make things clear)’s past life plus her own association to Veronica.

The novel filled with a sense of nostalgia over Veronica’s youth, from her American boy, to remembering her childhood. Those things that she forgot, seemed came back to her as Liam died – in both her dearest brother, and history of her life…

In the process of arranging her brother’s funeral, she went through series of breakdowns – from missing her old life in university, to unable to deal with her daughter’s dislike over Liam. The book wasn’t bad, but adding the bits from her grandma’s past to her’s seemed unnecessary…

– Lolita –

I came across the name Lolita a lot of times, but never really read it until my year out.

I was attracted by the cover of the Taiwanese/Cantonese version, filled with girlish pink and shapes of butterflies, very beautiful and mysterious. So I read on, witnessing first Herbert Humbert’s disastrous affair with a girl call Annabel, how this turned him to the man he became in the rest of the novel. 

The attachment led him to Dolores Haze, a girl of a woman H.H. was renting rooms from. Her energy and ish-femininity not just remind H.H. the lost youth he had with Annabel, but also enabled Herbert to find her addictive. And so it goes, Humbert has to remain quiet about his feelings, as he married Dolores’s mother to be near Dolores. Dolores’s mother who believed so deeply that H.H. loved her, must be so distraught when she found out it was her daughter he was after. Creepily she died in the most timely term…

The darkness of H.H. began to shown as he take Dolores around the states for trips, he used up the knowledge he knew about keeping a child happy on Dolores. In the beginning Dolores seemed to be having a lot of fun, yet as soon as finding out her mother died things began to go downhill. The ending was painful, despite how immoral his obsession was, we couldn’t help feeling sympathy for him in a way…

– Soul Mountain –

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I guess I was reading in desperation to finish, so I could move on to A House of Mr Biswas or Love in the time of Cholera. So I basically just skin-read the novel…(sigh).

The novel focused on a man’s journey and experience in Soul Mountain (a trip he made after being wrongly diagnosed for lung cancer), on his way he met various characters and get into different situation, along with his involvement with a woman who was a sex worker which she shared her stories with him.

I could say very little of the novel because of the skin-read, but also I found it very difficult to read because of the translation. I guess the awareness of it was written in Cantonese before it got into the English version, so I found it harder to get into, might have been better if reading in Chinese.




– Their Eyes Were Watching God –

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(the lady in the middle is the author, Zora Neale Hurston)

I came across the book when I was in the church-turned classroom place within university, I came across the book-shelf filled with books near the reception, you only have to pay two pounds to the church to have the books. This was one of them, I could not remember the reason why I paid two pound to the church, but I had this feeling the book was calling out to me. “Read me!” It cried as I took it.

It was a story about Janine on her life, began with she ended up in arranged marriage with an older man as her grandma wanted to make sure someone would look out for Janine when she died, but she ran off with a man call Joe to make a new life as she wasn’t happy with the life she got. She had a nice life with Joe, but Joe’s neglect on her over work had left her feeling unsatisfied, the feeling was intensified when Joe began to stop her from doing various things. Eventually she told Joe about her feelings, before he passed away and she left the town with a man nicknamed Tea Cake. Life with Tea Cake was a bliss in some ways, yet there were also issues to solve between the two of them. Tea Cake in character was a risk-taker, which sometimes Janine was annoyed with. Eventually Janine decided to head home and tell her friend Phoebe her tale, after Tea Cake passed away.

The book was full of essence of liberty, Janine part from the beginning, had very much exercised the awareness of her own liberty &the actual liberty. From decided to free herself from all kinds of social bondage, to able to make her own choices and enjoy her life to the full. I guess for feminism, the actual aim of all the aims feminism have or had, was for women to exercise the same amount of liberty and freedom like men, without being questioned at all.

– American Gods –

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Received the news of Anne Rice’s new novel on Lestat: Prince Lestat would be releasing at November, as I read through the plot, it reminded me very much of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”.

They talked very much on how technology changed the world, the difference were however, Gaiman was focusing on the gods from ancient world’s adjustment in modern world while Rice focused on the vampires.

Gaiman’s book was to me a very difficult book to read, not just my lack of understanding over American geography left me confused constantly over the chronicle of the events, it also left me very badly confused when the writing seemed struggle to make clear on who is who. So yes, part from Sandman which was thankfully alright, my impression of N.G. was hardly a good one.


Have been ill and been stuck in other matters for a while, didn’t feel the energy to write posts. However in the duration of the illness, I caught myself back at the emotion I had when I was very passionate about story-writing.

In the past I wrote many strange stories – mostly murder mystery and suspense, but for six years I was put off from writing anymore story, as I was struggling to deal with my grammar skills left a huge flaw on my writing…Anyway, the story would be very much base on the things I have experiences, things I studied during my life time so far – with fictional characters.

There are four main characters for the story…

1, Josephine Jean Rhys – in my mind she’s a woman of strong artistic essence, the first thing that came into my mind was that she has a long red hair like Lily Cole or Florence Welch. Character on the other hand would be someone quite on guard from others, but gradually warm when getting to know…also, a huge fan of vintage-style clothing!

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2. Dorothy Chang Hoi Yee – There are some elements of myself within the story: tough; independent and observant (I like to think so anyway), but of course she would be the “better version” of myself, I based her character mostly from Nana Osaki from “NANA” (comic from Ai Yazawa) – whom I can relate deeply into.



3. Agatha Northup – Whenever I thought of this character, the first person that entered my mind was  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the essence of intelligence. At the same time I was quite enchanted by her stories through her ted talks on “A single story”, while she also share the fierce temper on inequality – like Maya Angelou. However I was at most times, can picture her empathy with the world – like Florence Nightingale.

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4. Alice Daphne Morrison – In my memory she’s the type of girl that everyone envies (especially in beauty, like Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”), clever but feeling trapped from all those stereotype or advantages that come along with it. There is a kind of anger within her, on her role that came along with her gender and race…



Well that will be for now. 😀